Apple iPhone 5 vs 4S: Speed and Gaming Performance

A detailed look at the benchmarks and performance of the iPhone 5 vs the iPhone 4S.

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20 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5 vs 4S: Speed and Gaming Performance

  1. Sure, the 5 IS faster, but in the big scheme of things the 4s isn't THAT far behind it… That's saying a lot for such an old phone as the 4s now is. 

  2. IPhone 5 is better, but the 4S is still a good phone to get when you're crunched on money. The 4S for me is a substitute until I can get an upgrade, like the 5C and up. 4S is a great phone still, supporting lots of games, and goes at a moderate pace. Nothing spectacular, but it's nice.

  3. I have 4s and my gf has 5 and the screen siZe is the only thing i would want watching mvies with 4s is a pain the ass lol i moved from s2 to 4s so i miss the big screen

  4. iphone will be good for 2 years… it will also get ios 8 but not all the features. like the ipod touch 4 got ios 6 but not the 3d maps and those extra's 

  5. The iPhone 4S is still good , although it has aged.I'm thinking about buying one , because it remains as the cheapest iPhone available.Besides , I am not planning to get all harsh on that thing.I will just do some … Facebook , messaging and calls , FaceTime and maybe some games to entertain myself.

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