Apple iOS 7 on iPhone 4S – First Looks and Impressions Review – Performance Loss or Gain ?

The big question is: Does iOS 7 run good and fast on an iPhone 4S – YES and it runs AMAZINGLY WELL!

iPhone 4 owners may not be so lucky as they’re running the older Apple A4 single core CPU which will likely lead to a clunky slow performing phone. I haven’t personally tested it but the Apple A4 CPU that was in my iPad 1 faired badly using iOS 5.01 so you’ve been warned!

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A quick first looks and impressions video of Apple’s newly release iOS 7. The latest rendition of…

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20 thoughts on “Apple iOS 7 on iPhone 4S – First Looks and Impressions Review – Performance Loss or Gain ?

  1. Yea well beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and so is the IOS personal Opinions !! For Me I have experienced Both ios 6 and all the way up to eight and Boy did the raving and ranting and all the commotion over the newer ios software updates Got Really Old Really fast!! its too bad modern day politics Got involved !! Now the apps that come stock have Gay pride colors like the photos app and the camera have weird looking apps that are for women and gay black men oh and by the way steve jobs successor tim cook came out of the Closet as a Fucking Homo┬áGo figure!! Thank Fucking Christ I bought my Older sisters Iphone 5 all black 32 gig and guess what she simply said she forgot to update the software !! that was probably┬á┬áthe Best decision she has ever made about smartphones well it sure as fuck benefited Me I Have the IOS 6 stock and will Never Ever Ever update not even for a Million Dollars!!´╗┐

  2. This may sound weird but I just upgraded to an iPhone 4 with iOS 7 and I actually really enjoy it. It feels much better than my previous device, which was an iPod touch 4th generation. The experience I had with it was just horrible on iOS 6. It was super laggy and would crash on basically everything. My iPhone 4 though, feels like heaven. I actually meant to get a 4S but the guy I bought the phone from said it was a 4S on his ad but when I bought it and took it home I found out it was a 4. Still better than my iPod anyday.´╗┐

  3. Can we still believe that the iPhone 4S is running the latest version of iOS today it started off on the fastest iOS for it which was iOS 5 and now it's on iOS 8 it's weird how it went that far and still runs like the iPhone 4 was terrible on iOS 7 and couldn't even handle it and shouldn't get that update but the 4S is a beast but meeting it end now cause iOS 8 is slowing down it even with the latest iOS today´╗┐

  4. Yeah iPhone 4S was perfect on iOS 7 but apple can't let an iPhone go without giving it an "update" that bricks it. So welcome iOS 8, slowest, buggiest, crappiest version of iOS yet ´╗┐

  5. @ amine neggazi – even if you had a backup of IOS 5 or IOS6 you can't downgrade because Apple has long stopped signing the OS and thus iTunes won't let you roll back the IOS version on your device. ┬áThere is no workaround to my knowledge on how to rollback without requiring Apple to "sign" the IOS version prior to install.´╗┐

  6. I'm just wondering !!! U said WE CANT DOWNGRADE TO IOS 6 or 5 what if I had the ios 6 or 5 update files from a long time…. can I downgrade it with those files that I have!!!!

    PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!

  7. Hello guys, i have an iphone 4s running ios7
    1- do u know if its possible going back to ios 6? i think its a lot faster…
    2- Can i have the old" theme" slide to unlock ios 5/6 in ios 7?

    Please, answer i really need to know, CHEERS´╗┐

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