5 Reasons NOT TO BUY the iPhone 6S!

5 Reasons NOT to Buy the iPhone 6S! Watch before you buy.

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These are my 5 Reasons NOT to Buy the iPhone 6S. Watch before you buy and get your iPhone 6S. Should you buy iPhone 6s?

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20 thoughts on “5 Reasons NOT TO BUY the iPhone 6S!

  1. I just tried 3D touch yesterday and it is a complete gimmick, just as useless as Samsung's people edge. I can't believe all this bullshit hype from Apple and Apple fans, it's disgusting!

  2. Most tech writers and Apple know why they still have a 16 GB phone. There is a significant percentage of their customers who do not need any more storage than that. I just wrote several sentences explaining it more but my iPad Air crashed with the iOS YouTube app and I lost it so I'm not going to repeat it.

  3. I guess you could argue the 16gb option, but I thoroughly enjoy my 6s model with 16gb of storage, i do not download much music, nor take a lot of photos, which means that it is the perfect amount, plus it is a lot cheaper compared to the 64gb version. In Australia the 16gb version is still very pricey at a whopping $1225 and the 64gb is $1555, therefore i believe that 16gb is a good building block of an iPhone 🙂

    I had an iPhone 5s before i upgraded and it is a huge upgrade, battery life is significantly better, i noticed that you touched on the battery life not being improved, however, iPhone users can improve battery life, by charging the phone during the day and not leaving it on charge for the whole night (this is what many people generally do)

    I loved this vid! I hope you reply to this comment :)

  4. Hey Phil,

    That was a very useful and crisp video. Thanks a lot, it helped me make up my mind. I was going to buy a iPhone 6plus S (first time buyer of iPhone).

    would rather wait for the 7 to see if it's sensible and settle for 5s for now

  5. I just want to point out that the resolution is a smart design decision on apples part. The ress they use provides very good sharpness as is. Not going higher allows the phone to run smoother across the board then it would if more pixels needed to be pushed. This means we get greater UI responsiveness and graphical fidelity and smoothness. Not to mention, in general, it's harder to make a screen with a higher DPI as bright. What would be the logical next step is going with an LED panel for brilliant blacks and contrast. Subjectively(and I think many would agree) minimizing dead space like the bezels would make the phone both more attractive and compact. I currently really like the iPhone 6 screen size but the phone could be so much smaller and appealing. They went with a very curvy design and sleek texture this generation but in all honesty, it could use some hard angles and rougher texture for some added attitude and grip. Edge to edge screens I think are universally appealing…

  6. Thanks for the video. It made me decide on not getting the S. My 128 gb iPhone 6 Plus will be with me another year. Also, I paid 499 for it. And the new upgrade costs 949. That's ridiculous.

  7. seriously, who is complaining about the new iphone being too heavy? My bro has the regular iphone 6 and its pretty light as it is. (yes it has been bent as well.) So hearing that Apple is going to reinforce the iphone 6s with thicker materials is good and its what should have been done in the beginning.

  8. Well, i currently have the 6 but i've regretted not getting the 6 Plus instead(Sorta liked the bigger screen better)… so i'm going to take this opportunity to get the 6S Plus as i do have an upgrade and since i'm with T-Mobile i can easily upgrade to the 7 without any hassle since i have the Jump-On-Demand thing…

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